aka Matt Mitchell

Technologist | Philomath | Misanthrope | Comedian

In brief

I seek to learn. I have always been in awe of humanity's collective ability to improve itself with the application of reason and science, and software engineering is the primary way in which I try to contribute to that effort in whatever tiny way I can during my time here.

As I have an incredibly common name, I've chosen to park myself at this cheekily aspirational location on the internet.

I'm a proud Rice Owl, adopted Chicagoan, two-time Houstonian, marathon runner, karaoke fiend, hockey nut, food snob, unapologetic homosexual, armchair game theoretician, Oxford comma defender, open book, and lockbox all in one. Anything you'd like to know, you might as well ask, provided you're prepared to hear the answer.

Further evidence of my existence

You can reach me here, among many other ways: matt@favoritemo.com

Here is a paper-friendly summary of my professional activities: CV